The Moment The Light Comes


The Moment The Light Comes

“About noon as I came near Damascus, suddenly a bright light from heaven flashed around me.  Acts 22:6  (NIV)


There comes a moment in the true believer´s life when suddenly the skies are peeled back and the Light of God flashes across our awareness.  In this moment the weary traveler is forever changed.  Jesus blinds us with His radiance and His Presence.  He comes to turn us from our way. Then we are stopped.  This is when we can only drop to our knees.  Nothing is left to hide us from the piercing brilliance of Christ.  Then all our loftiest attempts pale to nothingness.  Fear, trembling and awe come to us as we finally realize that our most tremendous ideas of God cannot begin to encompass Him.  Has our moment come when we see the Light?

This moment of awareness can come at conversion.  But any quick glimpse at the worldliness found in most congregations will show that for most this encounter has yet to happen.  Shall we pray that the Light of Jesus shines once again?  Shall we pray today that He breaks through the clouds of monotony and flashes into our hearts?  Shall we pray that His Presence comes to us now and that we will never be the same again?


Dear Jesus,

Stop us in our tracks today!  Come to us personally!  We are tired of going this road alone!  Pierce us with Your Light!  Flash so deep within our soul that we are forever changed!  Let us know that from now on we will always walk side by side with You!  Overwhelm us with the awareness of You right here and right now we pray!



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