Who Are You Lord?

Who Are You Lord?

‘Who are you, Lord?’ I asked.  Acts 22:8  (NIV)


Many people today think they already know Jesus.  Many a Christian is proud and eager to declare their relationship to Christ.  We may all secretly hope that it is true.  We have studied much.  We know the Scriptures.  We hold to our belief in Him as the Son of God.  We unite in groups and sing our praises to Him.  We spend quiet time in pray and perhaps even in devotion to our Lord.  But how many of us can, without saying anything in our defense, know that we have actually met the Savior?  How many actually do go past their pleas and flattery?  How many press on right into His Presence?  How many people stay on their knees until they are ushered in and allowed to ask Him themselves?  How many have met their Savior and were able to ask Him personally Who He Is?

Our worship and praise are good and worthy offerings.  But our call is not to devote a few moment to a distant figure which we hold in the mystic realms far above.  We are called to Him.  We are called to know Christ like we know no other.  We are called to love Him before ourselves or any other relationship we may possibly have.  Who is doing that these days?  Are we?  Should we devote ourselves again to the search?  Shall we accept this quest?  Shall we make it our mission today to come before God?  Shall we ask Him “Who Are You Lord?”  Will He then be free to work in us?


Dear Lord,

We need to know You in a Way that changes our lives!  We ask for a relationship with You that shows we are truly with You!  Make your Presence with us known today we pray!


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