The Lord Standing Near

The Lord Standing Near

The following night the Lord stood near Paul and said, “Take courage! As you have testified about me in Jerusalem, so you must also testify in Rome.”  Acts 23:11  (NIV)


Jailed, hated, and with the whole community in an uproar over him, Paul tries to sleep in his prison cell.  So fierce is the anger they feel for him that many want him put away forever.  As bleak as the situation seems, it hasn´t escaped the awareness of God.  In the still of the night the Lord comes to him.  These beautiful words describe it.  “The Lord stood near Paul.”  God´s word to him was to take courage.  If the Lord came and stood by us right now, would we be able to take courage too?  Could he be here with this same message now?

The years have rolled by.  Times have changed.  But the Word of God stands timeless.  As we read His Word, we should expect that it speaks to us.  As we walk through our devotions with Him, we need to listen for His encouragement to us in the situations that we face.  What is the Lord saying to us now?  Is His Presence felt?  How diligently are we seeking Him?  What are we doing to be able to hear?  Let us pray now that our awareness is heightened! Lets pray that we are made well accustomed to His Presence!  Let us take courage as we press on to find the Lord standing near us now!


Dear Lord,

Please come!  Be with us!  We cannot stand for anything less than Your Presence!  Let us take courage as we find You here working, speaking to us, and moving in our lives now we pray!



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