Hope In God

Hope In God

and I have the same hope in God as these men, that there will be a resurrection of both the righteous and the wicked.  Acts 24:15  (NIV)


Some have this hope in God.  It is a mighty benefit to them.  They can stand in any strength of storm because of this hope they hold in Him.  Whatever scene they may be looking at in this lifetime, it pales in comparison to what their inward eyes are set upon.  Their soul constantly gazed towards the One they have set that hope upon.  Are we some of those blessed few who can face any situation merely out of the strength of our hope in God?

Each individual Christian may be inspired by a separate facet of their hope.  Some may look forward to the raising of the dead unto eternal life.  Others may hold their breath in fear of the terrible judgement that must still weigh all of our choices.  But this hope we hold, that tells us that we will all come to meet the Almighty, gives us a solid ground on which to stand.  Those who trust God´s Word mount up their hope.  For them there is no better place to go in the entire universe than unto Him.  Theirs is the greatest of all joys to let their hope soar into the Heavens!  Can we stand alongside Paul today?  Can we gladly smile in the face of any adversity and say that we have this same hope in God?


Dear Lord,

Give us hope today!  Give us enough will of soul to set our complete focus upon You!  Be the only Solid Ground upon which we stand.  Be our rock and our strength.  Let us know that we will surely see Your face.  Be our Hope now we pray!



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