Points Of Dispute

Points Of Dispute

Instead, they had some points of dispute with him about their own religion and about a dead man named Jesus who Paul claimed was alive.  Acts 25:19  (NIV)


Points of dispute are numerous.  We find them bombarding our lives all the time.  But our lives do not center on dispute.  Our emphasis for all eternity should be in the One our claims are about!  As Christians we should live our lives not in defense, but focused upon the One others may write off as a dead man.  We should be living testimonies to Christ!  We should be fragrant examples of Life after death!  Do we find ourselves focusing on our points of dispute?  Or do our lives reflect our claims of a God Who is alive?

Men hate Paul and even want to kill him because he has moved past pushing traditions or a religious system.  He focuses steadily upon a risen Lord.  His ultimate goal is to know and please God.  He wants to share the joy of this relationship with Christ so that all can come to know that joy too.  Paul encourages all to come to God through His Son.  This should never be reduced to a point of dispute.  If someone tries to get into an argument with us today, let´s pray that it is not over technical issues.  Let it be over Who we will live our lives for!  Let the world´s only dispute be that we choose Jesus!  Shall we ask the Lord to help us be so focused on our walk with Him today, that everyone can see He lives in us?


Dear Lord,

We know that not all will understand our commitment to You.  Just please let walk so closely with You now, that Your Presence is evident through our complete dedication to You!



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