Because Of Hope

Because Of Hope

And now it is because of my hope in what God has promised our fathers that I am on trial today.  Acts 26:6  (NIV)


It would be great to think now that we are saved by our professed belief in Christ, that all will be smooth sailing.  But the teachings and the example set by Jesus, along with the testimony of many saints show us that because of our hope in the Lord we will certainly find opposition.  The world will not forgive the true follower that steps out of the world´s parade.  It is this hope that we set in something other than what others trust in, that makes wayward men upset with us.  The fact that we no longer trust in ourselves and the things they trust in, places judgment on them.  Injury to their pride drives them to persecute us so they can once again feel good about themselves and be free to carry on as they were. Can we tell that because of our hope in coming to God, we are falling out of favor of the world around us?

Surely there are many joys for the Christian to enjoy while here on earth.  To say it were not so would be a crime.  But the pure in heart find most of our joys flowing from their growing relation to God.  If it is merely getting ahead in this life we want, then following Christ will not get us far.  But if we want the tie to the Father that the Bible promises us we can have through His Son, then the hope is surely ours.  We can celebrate this hope!  Our hearts can soar because of the hope we have found in God!


Dear Lord,

Give us hope today!  Let our hearts soar at the thought of knowing You, coming to You, and worshipping You we pray!  


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