Incredible God!

Incredible God

Why should any of you consider it incredible that God raises the dead? Acts 26:8 (NIV)

Man has got it wrong. We fail every time. We trust the things we can touch. We put our faith in what we can see. We study science and because it seems solid, we trust it. The Bible on the other hand, offers us a different picture. The Scriptures direct our eyes above the scratching in the dust and examining the elements. It teaches that we can test was made too. There is a Power and an Intelligence far superior which places all that we see here. God designed it all, set it in motion, and maintains everything as it pleases Him. Why should we consider it incredible if the unfathomable, unending God should alter the course of nature?
The hope that the Christian gains from believing that our amazing God does the most astonishing things is nothing short of incredible! We can try to excuse ourselves for setting our hope in the Lord. Or we can embrace the opportunity to respond to His call of faith. We can rise above the dust and the scratching. We can set our sights on the glories of Heaven! We can soar to unlimited heights! We can rise up on wings with the angels! We can sing praises to the King we have set our hope upon! We can glorify our incredible God Who raises the Dead! We can start now!

Dear Lord,
The world will resist the thought. But we want to embrace all the unfathomable riches that we find in considering You! Thrill us with the opportunity to look to You and praise You now we pray! Let us glorify the One Who raised His Son!


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