Don´t Give Up Hope

Don´t Give Up Hope


When neither sun nor stars appeared for many days and the storm continued raging, we finally gave up all hope of being saved.  Acts 27:20  (NIV)


Christians have a hope for the future.  The Scriptures, the teachings of Jesus and the Holy Spirit encourage us to look forward to a happy coming day where we will dwell with the Lord.  But the storm has been raging for some time now.  This vessel that we find ourselves in is being battered from all sides.  The church and our very faith are constantly being tossed and bombarded by our times.  It seems that the celestial bodies have been hidden from our view and many believers are growing weak.  Are we also going to give up hope of ever being saved?

The call to follow Christ is certainly given with the greatest rewards to look forward to.  But we are not called to a peaceful sail as long as we float on the waters of this life.  The storm will test our faith.  We need not give up hope.  We are in big and capable hands!  No matter how long the seas toss us, nor how dark the night may seem, our day with God is coming!  If we put our faith in this world or the things of this life, we will surely loose hope.  But if we put our faith in the One Who holds us up over the rough waters and commands the seas, we will surely make it to the shore!  Let´s not give up hope!  Let´s edge in close and hold on tight to that hope and to our Savior now as we are tossed by life´s stormy sea!


Dear Lord,

Let the storm rage.  Just let us hold on to the hope we find in You!  Keep our eyes above the wind and seas today we pray!



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