Of God

Of God

Last night an angel of the God whose I am and whom I serve stood beside me  Acts 27:23  (NIV)


It is a small word.  It is just a simple preposition.  The word “of” relates the subject in question with the Word that follows.  It serves its purpose in the world of writing and language.  But it takes on a whole new strength when it describes where we stand with God.  Paul uses the word “of,” to show that the angel who spoke to Him came directly from God.  He immediately ties himself to the Lord by saying he also belongs to this same God.  Paul gladly describes himself as being a servant “of God.”  Can we say the same?

We can go our whole lives saying that we are one of God´s people too.  Many like to claim that they are.  We are happy to wear the name Christian.  But what does being “of God” depend on?  Does it take more than flattering notions?  Do we each have the responsibility to go forward with our faith and find our Lord living and at work in our lives?  Do we need to know Him well enough to know we are truly His?  Should we each seek His will and His wishes for us in every given moment?  Should we be so involved with Him, in the most intimate relationship, that He is the primary part of all our engagements?  Should we strive to be so close to Christ that we are aware that we truly are “of God” too?


Dear Lord,

Bring us into the dearest relationship of our lives!  Let us be so devoted to You that all may easily see and know that we are Yours!  We want to walk now as children of the God we serve!  Help us to become Yours we pray!


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