Faith, Lifeboats And Hope

Faith, Lifeboats and Hope

So the soldiers cut the ropes that held the lifeboat and let it fall away.  Acts 27:32  (NIV)


There is a size of faith that marks the lives of those around the person who holds it.  Paul has such a faith in God that all those who travel with him realize he knows Someone special.  Some people know little or nothing about the power of the Living God.  But the faith Paul has demonstrates to all that he is connected to One Who offers far more hope than what others hold on to.  The man in chains becomes the man in charge as others see and want to hold this same faith.  When the seas get rough, people need a God big enough to keep them from sinking.  Can we say our faith is strong enough to keep us afloat without needing a lifeboat?

The predicament is real.  The dangers threatening are more perilous than anyone can handle.  After being swept helplessly along until even the bravest lose hope of salvation, there are thoughts of jumping ship.  But in this moment comes the word to trust.  Faith in God is called for over that of a lifeboat.  They cut the ropes.  In that moment people let go of any other hope and rest it in God alone.  They are saved!  Is this where real faith is born?  Is it when we cut the ties to our lifeboat and turn only to Christ that we can truly have hope?  Is our faith that big now?  Shall we trust Jesus today and give Him the chance to save us too?


Dear Jesus,

Increase our faith today!  Give us the strength to choose You over putting our trust in anything less.  Let notice and find hope in the bond we share with You.  Be our lifeboat we pray!



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