Close Call

Close Call

But Paul shook the snake off into the fire and suffered no ill effects.  Acts 28:5  (NIV)


Can we remember any time in our past where God´s hand and His involvement were clearly shone?  Surely we can think of a time when something that should have happened to us did not happen in the end.  Perhaps a fatal accident was turned into a near miss or even just a scare.  Sometimes these kinds of instances are carefully regarded.  Those who witnessed or experience them actually stop to ponder them in reverence and awe.  At times people are brought to think of God through their close calls.  Are we?

Perhaps we do not stop to give our brushes with death much thought.  But the truth is that there are no real accidents.  All that is experienced in this life has been planned.  God is in control.  He does not miss one single detail.  When we think something escaped the Lord´s attention we are only fooling ourselves.  If our ill fate or danger is avoided we can be sure that our Father is to thank.  We would do well to follow through and give Him the praise that is due unto Him for keeping us safe through each avoided accident.  Shall we embrace these special opportunities and use them for their intended purpose?  Shall we make each close call draw us closer to the Lord and bring Him glory for the grace He gives us each day?


Dear Lord,

Thank You for every time You have held us safe and did not let the dangers overtake us!  Let each opportunity given draw us closer to You and more indebted to You!  Be glorified through every near miss and every close call we pray!


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