The Hope Of Israel

The Hope Of Israel

For this reason I have asked to see you and talk with you. It is because of the hope of Israel that I am bound with this chain.”  Acts 28:20  (NIV)


Christ is the Hope of Israel.  He is the only hope for mankind.  Without a Savior, without pardon, we could never truly approach God.  Our treason is too great.  We have bowed to our own selves as gods.  We have chased after our own desires, our own pleasures, and our own thinking.  God´s people though, have heard His call.  A special line of people have realized that the Lord of Heaven is beckoning us unto Him again.  It is these precious souls who hear that can have hope.  Call them Israel, call them Christians, call them what you will.  But the Hope of Israel is in Jesus Who can bring us Home.  Our Hope is given to us so that we can leave  our differences and approach God.  Is Jesus the hope we have today?

Paul chooses chains over freedom.  A host of saints too have left a life of comfort and security.  Many a Christian looks not unto their selves or what else they could gain.  These precious souls set their hope in God.  They will suffer the loss of face, family and friends.  They willingly sacrifice their own aspirations in this life.  For them, all is done in this hope they hold for the Lord and His people.  They would rather hold this Hope, Jesus Christ!  Do we have the hope of Israel living in us?  Shall we seek to have a Hope big enough to draw us close to God right now and for evermore?


Dear Lord,

Give us a hope great enough to change us!  Give us nothing less than Hope in Jesus!  Draw us close, even unto the Son!


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