Convinced And Believe

Convinced And Believe

Some were convinced by what he said, but others would not believe.  Acts 28:24  (NIV)


Some realize their need for a Savior, and others refuse to believe that they need help with their eternal fate.  Being stubborn and self-centered stand on one end while honest and hopeful stand on the other.  One could think that by being convinced or saying that we believe in Jesus, we are now saved.  It may sound good to us, but is there a much greater Prize for those who move forward in faith?

We may come to church because we are convinced it is the thing to do.  We can say we believe when our awareness rises.  But it is not our mission to be able to call ourselves Christians.  Our task is to become so moved by our new relationship with Jesus, that we go on to pursue this bond with Him.  We need Christ in us and with us always.  Paul tried to convince the Jews to look to Something more than their well-organized religion.  But today we still need to look for Something more than fine doctrines.  We need to be convinced that Jesus is risen, but risen to share Himself with us!  We can know Him more!  We can walk each moment of our lives with Him!  Shall we pray that our faith goes beyond being convinced?  Shall we ask that our belief in the Savior goes on to bring us into the most intimate fellowship with Him today?


Dear Lord,

Thank You for this chance to come to You!  As our awareness of You rises, let our relationship grow in endless proportions!  Let us go beyond being convinced and believing in You, to having the most intimate and satisfying walks of our lives!



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