Ever Hearing, But…!

Ever Hearing But

” ‘Go to this people and say, “You will be ever hearing but never understanding; you will be ever seeing but never perceiving.”  Acts 28:26  (NIV)


History repeats itself.  Paul uses words the prophet Isaiah needed to use before.  In a different point in time the Holy Spirit gives these same words again.  They are just as accurate.  They have the same meaning.  They describe a people so set in their ways and in their own thinking, that there is no room for the Lord to move.  They expose hearts which have grown so comfortable with religion the way they have it, that they fail to look for the Presence and the movement of God.  Could these words still serve today as a wake-up call for us?

Christians today have more information than ever.  We can have the Scriptures, sermons and influences with us at the touch of a button.  Nobody needs to be uninformed.  But with all our technology, is our understanding of what God is up to greater?  With all our churches, can we see with more clarity the nearness of our Lord?  With all the religious resources believers have all around, are we better at perceiving Christs work in us and how it affects the world around us?  Or are we ever hearing but never understanding the nearness and the urgency of our hour as well?


Dear Lord,

Let us change history today!  Set aside a few who will stop and turn to You!  Teach us again how near of You and Your Kingdom are!  Give us urgency that will open our eyes and ears!  Let us hear, understand and perceive You with us now!


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