Tragedies Into Blessings

Tragedies Into Blessings

For two whole years Paul stayed there in his own rented house and welcomed all who came to see him.  Acts 28:30


There is a giant difference between the way we view things and the way God sees them.  We see Paul under arrest and waiting for his trial in Rome.  God sees his situation as an opportunity.  We see his chains as a terrible crime and a shame.  The Lord uses them to bring his servant´s testimony to many people and even unto kings.  All through this excruciatingly long process, all the incidents, the journey and the waiting, the man of God is able to remain with his Lord.  The bond is strengthened!  Their walk is cherished!  Even chains can be a blessing!  Has our faith grown to the point where our tragedies are turned into blessings?

Paul was a prisoner but God allowed him to have rights.  He was willing to die for his faith.  While he suffered being in custody he saw it as an opportunity for the word of God to be spread.  How does our own faith match up?  Are we walking so close to the Lord today that every setback and every trouble we must live through is an opportunity of faith?  Shall we pray that we grow to this point in our relationship with Christ?  Shall we pray that we become so focused on our walk with Jesus, that all our tragedies are turned into blessings and enrich us with treasures stored up in Heaven?


Dear Lord,

Whatever we may face today let it glorify You and draw us closer together!  Whatever trials or tragedies You may allow to come our way let them turn into blessings in that our relationship is strengthened and our faith in You may shine!



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