Sharing Jesus Christ

Sharing Jesus Christ

Boldly and without hindrance he preached the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ.  Acts 28:31


Blessed are the ones who share Jesus with others!  Of all the things a human could share with someone else, Christ is the greatest Treasure!  This last text in Acts is a beautiful description of a worthy servant of the Lord.  Guarded as if a criminal, his faith and devotion to his Savior, won´t let him give up.  The man of God must render unto others, the discoveries that are overwhelming him from above.  All are welcome to come and hear of the Savior.  Even today we can still come to Paul to learn more about Jesus!  What privilege could be better for any Christian?  Shall we pray to become more like Paul in his selfless sharing of God?

It is true that Paul had a special calling.  But every soul who has heard of Christ has also been given an opportunity to respond.  We each choose our level or receptivity to God.  Some will go far.  Others cannot bring themselves to budge hardly at all.  Some will leave all to seek the Lord and follow Him at all cost.  Others refuse to let go of the things they hold on to here in their earthly lives.  What will we do today?  Will we drop everything just to have the opportunity to share Christ with those we come into contact with?  What kind of Christian will we be?  Shall we pray that we can also share the greatest Gift of Jesus Christ to all those around us now?


Dear Lord,

Fill us with so much of Your Presence that we cannot possibly hold it all in!  Let us share You, the greatest Treasure of all, with everyone we come into contact with we pray!



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