God´s Human Son

God´s Human Son

regarding his Son, who as to his human nature was a descendant of David,  1: 3  NIV


Many are divided.  Some choose to have hope.  Others say it is impossible.  Even within the church family, some have their doubts.  But it all comes down to this!  Should we believe that God sent His own Son into this world to live as any other human?  Should we think that God could accomplish the impossible?  Not everyone is willing to have that size of faith!  Not everyone is willing to say that God is that big and that amazingly powerful!  The Bible makes so many fantastic claims about the unlimited power of God.  Humans have always had trouble dealing with all that is mentioned.  Even believers struggle at times.  Where do we stand today?  Have we had our doubts over God´s Human Son?

This is where God comes into our picture.  This is where we end and He begins.  To have faith, we must admit our limitations.  To believe in God, we must let Him have the benefit of the doubt.  We must come to terms deep within our souls, to trust Him over our worldly logic.  Are we willing to let Him be Who He says He Is?  Shall we join the persecuted few who choose to stand apart?  Shall we embrace God´s greatest gesture of love towards mankind?  Shall we put all our hope and devotion into God´s Human Son?  Shall we seek Christ in our lives and bow to an almighty God now?


Dear Lord,

Help us where our understanding fails us.  We see so poorly into spiritual matters.  Give our faith wings that can lift us up in hope!  Set our hearts as high as the Son, our Savior we pray!



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