Jesus Christ Our Lord

Jesus Christ Our Lord

and who through the Spirit of holiness was declared with power to be the Son of God by his resurrection from the dead: Jesus Christ our Lord.  1:4  NIV


The Spirit of Holiness declares it!  He shows us in power the Son of God!  By His resurrection Jesus Christ becomes our Lord!  Born in a humble stable, He walked the dusty streets as we do.  He toiled and taught.  He suffered out of love.  He stayed true to the Father.  He walked closely and fully focused upon God at all times.  He willingly gave up His own life to pay the ransom for a world gone astray.  From Christ´s sacrifice He is now raised to His rightful place by God´s side.  He is to receive glory and honor.  Jesus is our King!  Christ is our Lord, is that how we honestly hold Him now?

In our busy societies of today, we rush around with a million things to do each day.  We may say that we concern ourselves with our spiritual condition.  But most of the time we struggle to find time to fit the Lord into our hectic schedules.  Being a Christian is good, but if we are not spending time with our Lord, then what do we really have.  We say we have hope, but hope in what?  Is our hope that one day we will finally be ahead of our race and then be able to seek God?  Unfortunately that will not do.  Now is time to find our Savior!  Today is the day to walk with Jesus!  Shall we bow before God and strive to bring Jesus into our day as Christ our Lord?


Dear Jesus,

We want to come before You now!  Show us how to hold You so close that we are together throughout our day!  Be our Lord now so that we may enjoy our walk with You forever!



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