Called To Belong

Called To Belong

And you also are among those who are called to belong to Jesus Christ.  1:6  NIV

The All-Knowing God can see from the start who will respond to His call.  But He makes the call with the hope that we all will turn.  Those who are not included among the chosen of God are the ones who choose to be exempt.  One would like to think that the invitation that the God of love offers us, to spend eternity with Him, would appeal to all.  But not everyone wants to hand over the ownership of their lives. Are we hearing deep within us the call to belong to Jesus Christ?  Are we among the select few whose lives confirm that God is the Owner and Possessor of our souls?

To some is held out this joy of belonging to the Lord.  Scriptures distinguish between those who actually are of God and those who are not.  We make excuses.  But real proof springs up from deep within.  It is in the heart where the call to belong is proven.  Anyone may clean up their lives and pretend to be a Christian.  But those who hear the call to belong are those stricken with a need to hand over the ownership of their heart to God.  Those who go on to give all their love to Jesus forever, are the ones who have heard the call to belong.  Shall we open the ears of our souls today?  Shall we pray that we hear the call give anything to belong to Jesus now?

Dear Lord,

Far below all appearance and high notion, we want to belong to You!  We want our hearts to be given to You as You have given unto us!  We want our souls to be Yours!  Let us hear Your call and drop it all to come running to Your embrace!



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