Live By Faith

Live By Faith

For in the gospel a righteousness from God is revealed, a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written: “The righteous will live by faith.”  1:17  NIV

“Look here!” or “Listen to me!” the many voices say.  But when we look to the Gospel, we turn to Something from out of this world.  We look beyond speculation.  We lift our gaze higher than rituals.  As our sight focusses on Christ, our interests shift from us to Him. A miracle happens.  Righteousness that is unattainable by man is activated.  Then when we are turned from self to God, the righteousness of Jesus comes.  A Miracle!  Are we actively aware of how we come to live by faith today?  Are we living this miracle life?

We have lived long in this world.  Our habits are strong.  Our tendency is to figure everything out and settle our eternal fate by our decisions or our actions.  But the Scriptures hold out for us a different Path to take.  The Gospel gives us Jesus.  He is our Way!  We need to stop looking to ourselves, our intelligence, our fine doctrines and our righteous conduct.  Faith in Christ is a steady gaze upon Him.  When we are looking at Him we are on our Way.  When our attention is on Jesus and we are walking hand-in-hand with Him, only then are we right.  Shall we pray that we move beyond lesser theology today!  Shall we pray that we reach the soaring heights of saints who live by their walk of faith with Jesus?

Dear Lord,

Lift our eyes from the clamor of our day!  Let us have our miracle!  Let us walk so closely with You that Your righteousness covers us!  Let us live by faith in You we pray!



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