According To What We Do

According To What We Do

God “will give to each person according to what he has done.”  Romans 2:6  NIV


It would be so easy and so many people do it.  Maybe somewhere in our hearts right now we are also thinking of our religion in terms of our actions.  Our relation to God would be so easy if all we have to do is check things off  a to-do list.  If all could be made right for our souls and all eternity just by not getting into trouble we might be able to relax.  Certain texts can and are made to encourage us in this line of thinking.  Yet the person who has actually humbled themselves to the point of standing defenseless before the Almighty, will tremble at the pitiful pile of good deeds that they have accumulated and put their trust in.  Can we say with confidence that what we do will bring us what we want of God?

Nobody can dispute that God wants His children to be good people.  But more than we care to know relies on why we are doing the things that we do.  The Bible gives us no encouragement in our own ability to climb into Heaven.  Heaven itself will never lower itself to be a mere physical place.  Heaven is where God is.  Those Who would go there will go to be with Him.  We are to seek Him with a passion great enough to enable us to find Him!  Anyone of us who fails to do what it takes to meet with, to know, and to walk each day with the Lord is not doing what God wants.  Are we?

Dear Lord,

Help us press beyond mere actions.  Help us get to know intimately the One we would spend all eternity with!  Set our hearts on entering Your loving embrace now we pray!



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