Self Seeking

Self Seeking

But for those who are self-seeking and who reject the truth and follow evil, there will be wrath and anger.  Romans 2:8  NIV


The story of the Bible and of our fallen human race can almost be wrapped up in one observation.  We start with God and as a direct intention from God to be here.  But then…  It is this “But then…” that kills us!  We look to ourselves.  We turn from looking to God and we choose to look at something infinitely less qualified.  The part evil plays in our scenario is that it would have us believe that we are being clever.  But it is nothing less than sinful to turn our backs on what God wants with us and seek things for ourselves.  Are we aware of how harmful it is to our relationship with God today to seek our self´s secret desires?

Great amounts of Scripture and the work of many prophet and workers of the Lord would have been necessary if we were not such a wayward race.  God would not have had to send His own Son to show us of His love again.  Christ would not have had to die if we were more concerned with God than we are about ourselves.  Jesus would not have had to teach us so urgently.  He would not have had to go to His grave if we would just realize how great our treason is.  Could we pray today that the Holy Spirit will show us where we are replacing God by seeking something less for ourselves?  Shall we ask for Christ help to lead us past being self-seeking and to start being God-seeking people from now on?


Dear Lord,

Please help us to turn!  Let us stop being self-seeking Christians!  Let us seek You now in earnest we pray!



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