This will take place on the day when God will judge men’s secrets through Jesus Christ, as my gospel declares.  Romans 2:16


This is the Gospel.  It has us look upward to God.  It is the message for us to do what we can to make ourselves right with our Maker.  It shows us our Father, it teaches us of His Son.  It gives us a Way to return and place ourselves clean before God.  Many a church has grown up out of this gospel.  We easily see our insufficiency before the Holy and Righteous God.  Our churches teach us to leave our lives of sin.  But when judgment comes, it will search deeper than our actions.  God will judge more than our aspirations or our loud declarations.  He will judge our secrets!  Are we ready for the Lord to look into the shadows of our souls today?

We can and many do, clean up our lives.  Some go on to achieve much for God in our religious circles.  But the outward expressions do not always give us a clue as to what is going on in the heart.  Self can, and many times does, rule our inner being.  There behind what we show others and sometimes try to hide from ourselves, we may be secretly bowing to our own aspirations and our own desires.  That those desires may promote the name of the Lord will not help us if our secrets seek to promote ourselves!  Shall we pray for the Light of Jesus to shine in our souls today?  Shall we pray that our secrets are exposed and we turn completely to Him?


Dear Jesus,

Please come and examine our hearts today with us!  Show us what we might not even want to see.  Expose any secret love for self and help us to turn that love over to You now we pray!




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