Teaching Others Teach Us

Teaching Others Teach Us

you, then, who teach others, do you not teach yourself? You who preach against stealing, do you steal?  Romans 2:21  NIV

Christians are the recipients of wonderful instruction.  Their knowledge of God gives them an amazingly different view of our world.  Our hope in the Lord gives us a Goal to strive for in this life and a purpose.  Our relationship with Christ gives us the highest role-model of love.  Our walk with God gives us strength and a direction.  No amount of therapy without Him could ever satisfy our searching souls.  But for all that we have been given, do we sometimes still need to stop and listen to the words we use to encourage others?  Could we often let our teachings teach us?

Calling ourselves Christians does not make us followers of Christ.  Declaring the name of God does not automatically draw us closer to His great heart.  Telling others that they should look to the Lord does not mean that we are doing what we say.  It is the duty of each Christian to press forward with the knowledge and instruction we have been privileged with!  We must all progress steadily nearer to our God.  We must each become more like Christ, closer to Him and more filled with His Spirit each day!  Our teaching amounts to nothing if we fail to reap the harvest we sew.  Shall we pray each day to go forward with Jesus until our teaching others begins to teach us?

Dear Lord,

Thank You for sharing a knowledge of Yourself with us!  Now let everything we do bring us closer still to You!  As we set an example and share You to others, let us be taught too!



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