What Advantage Is There?

What Advantage Is There

What advantage, then, is there in being a Jew, or what value is there in circumcision?  Romans 3:1  NIV

The question is put forward.  Some want to know why even God´s chosen people fall short.  They want to know how individuals, who carry the mark that they belong to God, can be seen with little faith.  We too may want to know why even those entrusted with the Word of God can blunder along in life so short of ever reflecting their relationship with the Lord.  What advantage is there to being called Christians if we never truly come to know Christ?

It is sad that with all the information that people have today that we can still go through our lives without the intimate and overwhelming Presence of God.  Many attend church and hold their devotions regularly but the Power and the Spirit never seem to fill them.  So painfully few press on in their faith to the point where they are changed.  Could it be because we have placed too much faith in our Christian heritage?  Could it be that the very people of God can miss Him right in the midst of their own religious activity?  Shall we pray for more than merely being Christian?  Shall we pray that we see our short-comings and seek to press on into God´s Presence?  Shall we take our advantages and use them to gain precious ground with Jesus Christ today?

Dear Jesus,

We call ourselves followers of You.  But do not let us rest and lose the advantage we may have!  Let us seek, search and burn for You!  Let what we have, serve to bring us more of You we pray!




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