Entrusted With The Word

Entrusted With The Word

Much in every way! First of all, they have been entrusted with the very words of God.  Romans 3:2  NIV

There are many reasons why the Christian is special.  The world who´s heart is evil will try hard not to see it.  But even its hatred of all that love God proves that importance is indeed there.  Because if God did not exist there would be no threat to them and they would never care what others think.  Out of anger and frustration the darker soul will always attack.  But the Christian remains special to God.  One of the reasons is because we have been entrusted with the very words God has given.  Do we know how special the ones who hold the Word of God are in the sight of the Lord?

The world leans only to the world.  Their interests and goals will have their earthly ends.  But the Christian, who holds God´s Word, holds a treasure infinitely higher and more lasting.  We cannot explain all that we hold because by nature, the One we hold is without limits.  No time, no power, nothing can reduce or stand up to God, His love, or His righteousness.  The world can injure us and make our life difficult.  But because we hold the words that give life, the injury is only temporary.  Shall we pray for strength today?  Shall we ask to hold the Word of God in a manner worthy of our Lord?  Shall we ask Jesus to entrust us with the secrets of our unlimited God?  Shall we bear a burden for His Son?  Shall we ask for the privilege to hold the very Word of God forever?

Dear Lord,

Let us shoulder our cross.  Let us carry a burden of love for You!  Entrust unto us now the very Words of God we pray!



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