Who Seeks God

Who Seeks God

there is no one who understands, no one who seeks God.  Romans 3:10-11 NIV


The person who does not know they are sick will never seek out a doctor or a cure.  As long as we feel secure we never know that we should be seeking more of our Savior.  There has always existed this problem in all religions that when people are comfortable with what they have they do not try to find or please God.  Far too many times we like to think that everything is already taken care of because of choices we made in the past.  Far too often we think that we are safe because of the body of believers we belong to.  But do we know that we should be earnestly seeking God regardless of where we think we stand with Him?  Do we know that we are not called to stay where we are with Him?

God wants us ever closer!  Even the most saintly person can grow their relationship with the Lord.  Even the holiest believer can be shown more of our limitless God.  There is not one single person alive who has ever made as much out of their relationship with the Lord as He would have them do?  The only One Who remained as close to God as He wanted and that was His Son, our Savior!  Jesus is our example!  He is our Way!  Shall we make Him more important to us in our lives right now?  Shall we pray that we seek to have as much of Him as He is calling us to have today?


Dear Lord,

Please show us how painfully far we are from You!  Afflict us with acute desire to know You more we pray!



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