Through Faith

Through Faith

This righteousness from God comes through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe. There is no difference,           Romans 3:22  NIV

If we were able to capture the significance of the words; righteousness, from God, through faith, in Jesus, all who believe, and no difference, we would be immediately ushered to a high position in relation to our Lord.  In fact, to be able to grasp even a part of the deep and eternal meaning wrapped up in these words, we would already be living a privileged walk with Christ in the Spirit.  Is the Spirit speaking to us today through any or each of these words in our hearts now?

Faith is a mysterious catalyst.  It is so hard to get our hands on and hold that it must be given to us from above.  We cannot see faith itself nor describe it adequately.  We can only see the results of it inside a person by the evidence of its existence in the life of the believer.  Yet God in Heaven has ordained through His limitless wisdom, that faith will be the deciding factor.  There may be many who claim to believe.  There may be hoards of people who have learned to avoid evil conduct.  There may be thousands who sing the name of Jesus or of God the Father.  But where are the ones who do not rest until they have faith growing inside of them?  Do we have the kind of faith that will bring us surely unto the Lord?

Dear Lord,

Let us drop everything now that would keep us from having the kind of faith that will bring us Your righteousness, utter belief, a walk with Jesus, and right unto You in truth we pray!



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