Belief To Our Credit

Belief To Our Credit

What does the Scripture say? “Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness.”  Romans 4:3  NIV


Many people find themselves at some stage wondering how much of their faith they need to earn.  We may all say that we believe in the Bible or that we believe in God.  We may easily say that we believe in what God tells us.  But as good as our statements of belief may be, they alone will never save us or place us on a high and intimate walk with God.  There comes a moment in every true believer´s life when they have to step off of the safe ground of bold statements and firm declarations.  We each must step off the sound familiar shores and out over the deep waters where nothing else can hold us but our relationship with God.  Is our walk with the Lord so intimate right now that our belief is to our credit?

Scriptures give credit to Abraham not for his good works be because he stepped out on his belief.  He followed wherever God led him.  The whole world could be wrong, but his God was sure.  Abraham walked after God, sought to trust no matter what came his way.  We would do well to imitate this Patriarch.  Let us pray that our faith in God grows to the point where we will seek Him first in all things.  Let us look to the Lord and need His Presence in each and every day!  Pray the our belief is to our credit!


Dear Lord,

Please do not let our religion become anything else besides a dear and intimate walk with You!  From our contact with You and our faithful seeking of our times together let our credit come!  Give us belief that strong we pray!



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