Law Or Faith

Law Or Faith

For if those who live by law are heirs, faith has no value and the promise is worthless,  Romans 4:14  NIV


Paul draws a necessary line between those who put their confidence in complying with ordinance, and people who put their faith in their relationship with Christ.  One approach is to think we become worthy of God´s approval by adherence to steps set forth in the Bible and ushered into His family.  The other is to trust not in our own merit, but rely on faith that the Savior we follow will present us clean before God.  On one hand it is us who achieve, on the other it is not us, but the One we seek to be with, whose qualification counts.  Where do we stand?  Do we know?

Most of the time when we approach these issues, we use our intellects, convenient texts, and the opinions of others to assert our views.  We trust these things to reassure ourselves that what we believe is right.  But by standing out on our ingenuity, are we demonstrating where our hearts lie?  Would a far better test be to Whom we run to with our incrimination?  When questioning our own righteousness, should we stand boldly before opinions?  Or should we bow humbly before the One we claim to believe in?  If we truly want to be ushered into the Presence of God, should we be acting out in faith even right now?  Should we be running to our knees?  Should we be seeking to be right where Jesus is now in heart, soul and actuality?  What are we demonstrating, law or faith?

Dear Lord,

Afflict us with the need to be with You now we pray!  Let us trust nothing less than Your Presence with us today!



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