because law brings wrath. And where there is no law there is no transgression.  Romans 4:15  NIV


The wrath of God is Holy as He is Holy.  We get angry when things don´t meet our expectations.  But we are not yet holy.  Transgression comes when people willingly do what they know God does not want them to do.  We overlook His will, throwing our cares to the wind.  When we do, God has every right to be disappointed with us.  He loves us and there is no evil in Him.  Even His anger helps educate us and draw those who care to learn closer to Him.  Should God´s children, be seeking out His will for us each day?  Should we be tuned to where He is leading us so that we never have to let Him down and fall into transgression?

God´s servant Paul pushed himself to seek this intimate walk with the Lord.  He understood the severity of not meeting God´s expectations.  His call is not for us to be free from knowing what God wants.  He asks us to be the kind of seeker who does know where and how God wants us to step.  It makes the Lord infinitely happy to see His children seeking His will and then going forward to see that He is well pleased.  Less effort or care on our part will let our God down.  It is transgression.  Shall we pray that our hearts will rise up within us and make us want nothing else but to see the smile on our Father´s face?

Dear Father in Heaven,

Impress upon our hearts where You would have us look.  Show us where You are moving and help us drop everything to work along with Your Spirit and Your Son today we pray!



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