Credit For Credit

Credit For Credit

being fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised.  This is why “it was credited to him as righteousness.”  Romans 4:21-22  NIV

We cannot possibly know everything about our limitless God.  But we can bow to Him.  We can give Him credit for being God.  We can also give Him credit for being able to do all that He has promised.  Throughout the ages some have chosen to believe God.  These choose wonder and awe over disbelief.  The believer gives the credit to God.  God in turn can then give credit for the faith He sees in them.  Are we acting in faith today?  Are we giving credit to God for being the almighty God?  Is He able to see us giving Him enough credit that He can credit us in return?

Those who choose not to believe God are placing their own power of perception in higher esteem than the offer God has made for us to know Him.  Faith on the other hand sets the worshipper in a good humble position to learn.  Faith recognizes the human limitations in the face of God and embraces the opportunity to be more than surprised by limitless discovery.  Shall we choose to be like Abraham?  Shall we acknowledge our short sightedness and choose to let God be all that He Is and can do?  Shall we give Him the chance to credit us for the credit we first give unto Him?

Dear Lord,

Open our hearts to be amazed by each new discovery of You!  We know so little.  But we choose to let You surprise us as You see our simple faith!  Credit us for looking to You for understanding.  Thrill us with the wonders of You we pray!



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