Rejoice In Our Suffering

986 Rejoice In Our Suffering

Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance;  Romans 5:3  NIV

Modern man tries to talk himself up.  We boast.  We revel in our own praise.  But we do not like to admit our weaknesses.  We hate to suffer.  If only we could see that those trials we face are what help us see our need for God!  If only we could see that it is God´s providence and through His great wisdom that we are brought through our sufferings and ever closer to Him!  If our eyes were to open enough towards the workings of God, we would see His tender Fatherly care!  Should we be praying now, not that the Lord removes our suffering, but that we can rejoice through them knowing we need our Savior?  Should we be happy to see our need and then be moved to seek more of Him?

Being a loving Father God may be persuaded to remove our thorn and ease our suffering.  But what if our suffering has not yet brought us fully unto Him?  What if He takes away our trying times before they have taught us to trust Him?  What happens if we have not learned obedience or perseverance?  What if we stop short of knowing God or trusting Him as we should?  Would we have done better to rejoice in our suffering instead of having it removed?  Shall we embrace everything today that lets us know of our need for Jesus?  Shall we thank God and rejoice in our suffering or any other thing that throws us upon Him and makes us seek Him?

Dear Lord,

Please increase our faith!  Help us see our need for You!  Let us embrace all that helps us seek You with us today we pray!



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