And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us.  Romans 5:5  NIV

As Christians we have something growing within us.  Paul calls it hope.  It is a hope that we can rejoice in.  It grows out of our sufferings.  It brings perseverance.  In turn, it builds character.  It will not let us down.  Why?  Because God is at work!  The Lord is pouring in into our hearts!  The Holy Spirit is come!  He is given to guide us nearer!  He is sent especially to us to bring us to God!  Can we feel the hope rising?  Are we sensing the Spirit´s movement and His direction?  Is He sweeping us ever nearer the Father?  Is the Spirit of God flooding us with hope in Jesus Christ?

Hope is a powerful force!  It is all the more powerful when the One we set our hope in is so limitlessly powerful!  Even a small amount of hope can bring more hope.  Could hope be one of the sweetest gifts of God?  Could hope be one of the greatest assets that the Christian could ever possess?  Should we pray today for more of God´s love to be poured into our hearts?  Shall we pray to be filled to overflowing with the sweet, Spirit-driven hope that will lift our souls and sweep us ever nearer our Lord?  Shall we ask that we find a well of hope in our Hope, Jesus Christ?

Dear Lord,

Send us Love!  Pour out Your Spirit upon us today!  Give us of You until we are so full that nothing remains of the old us!  Let Your love, Your Spirit, The Hope of You in us overflow and carry us away!  Sweep us ever nearer to You we pray!



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