Christ Died For Us

Christ Died For Us

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.  Romans 5:8  NIV

Christians may secretly feel more Godly.  It is easy to see ground gained with the Lord and think we are safer than the less religious.  But for all our imagined better standing with God, Jesus died for us all.  Even our sin needs to be dealt with!  Even our proud sensation of superiority needs to be paid for along with every other time we fall short of God´s intentions for us!  Christ died for people who need Him!  He is for all the not-yet-godly!  Is He for us?  Shall we love Jesus all the more today because He died for us while we were still sinners?

To turn away from congratulating ourselves and get back to a more humble and endearing attitude, we might want to consider carefully where we stand each day.  Are we as close to the Lord as we already want to be?  Or is there some growing that still needs to be done?  Do we still need a Savior?  Do we need Jesus ever-so-close to us as we go about our day?  Are we as godly as He wants us to be?  Or is there still much of His character and His love that we can discover and seek to have in our hearts?  Shall we remember the shortcomings of our race?  Shall we pray for the Light of God to expose any sin and show us where we still could be healed?  Shall we ask that Christ´s death can still save sinners like us?

Dear Lord,

Show us how much closer we can come to You!  Show us our need of our Savior!  Let our awareness of ground to be gained drive us to seek You more each day we pray!



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