Taken Into Account

Taken Into Account

for before the law was given, sin was in the world. But sin is not taken into account when there is no law.  Romans 5:13


When we see ourselves in an ever fuller Light of God, our transgressions loom into view.  Many are the tricks of heart and conscious that would downplay our responsibility or try to reduce our guilt.  Some would take Paul´s words and use them to ease their minds.  It is a great relief to realize that we are saved by grace and not by of our own actions.  But to think we have no obligations to our conduct is not taught in the Bible.  So where do we go with the issues of sin, the law, and whether they are taken into account?  How easy is our conscience on us over our failures?

Sin was there before the law and people have managed to step out of God´s will without even knowing it.  We can also make an effort not to know God´s will.  But where on earth can we run to, to escape the awareness that we are choosing something other than God!  Our very vices and our places of hiding, will sooner or later demonstrate the lack of God in them.  The only cure for us not being right with God, is for us to seek Him more!  The only cure to sin is Christ!  Could our only hope in the face of sin, the law, and being in God´s will, be in knowing our Savior well?  Is He the One Who is in charge of what will be taken into account in the end?


Dear Lord,

Help us not to overlook where we stand with You!  We may get sidetracked in many ways.  But keep our hearts for You!  Let us seek to be so close to You that You may take into account what pleases You of our faith and not our failures!



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