Baptized Into Christ

Baptized Into Christ

Or don’t you know that all of us who were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death?  Romans 6:3  NIV

Some think of baptism as a ceremony to enter a church.  They go through with the ritual to comply with the regulations and traditions of the organizers of that institution and those who teach there.  Others may have more of a desire to tie themselves directly to God.  They may still undergo a ceremony.  But for them, the connection is not one towards people.  It is an exchange of our current life for one of union with the Son of God.  These precious few who relinquish their hopes for themselves now reach out for God.  Have we had a baptism that merely promotes us a into religious institute?  Or do we know that we have tied ourselves to Christ?  Are we aware that we have died to this current life in the hopes of living with Jesus?

Perhaps it is failure on the part of our religious leaders to teach what true Christianity is.  Perhaps it is our own secret love for the world and all we might have here in this life.  But oh, so many good people today still need to hear Paul´s encouragement.  Don´t we all need to stop often and check where our ties are?  Shall we pray that the Holy Spirit exposes the darkest corners of our hearts?  Shall we ask that the Light of Jesus shines in us to the point where we can see we have truly been baptized into Christ, His death, and to an imminent resurrection to life eternally bonded to Him?

Dear Lord,

Shine in our hearts today and let us see that our baptism into You truly has united us to You for all ages to come we pray!


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