The Christian “IF”

The Christian IF

If we have been united with him like this in his death, we will certainly also be united with him in his resurrection.   Romans 6:5  NIV

There is a giant step towards heaven that Christians today tend to overlook.  We might enjoy calling ourselves followers of Christ.  We may convince ourselves that we love the Son of God for the sacrifice He has made.  But this very Jesus, who paid dearly for us, teaches that a renunciation of our current environment is essential to have our part with Him. (Matthew 16:25)  If we truly want to be with Christ in His resurrection, we must be with Him in His death to the world!  Are we really following Jesus in His death now?

Unfortunately today´s Christian is not being taught with sufficient emphasis this vital “if.”  Our hearts are still influenced by the world and would blind us to this important step in following Christ.  Those few who are serious enough about their standing with the Lord will surely feel a sting at the thought of not being with Jesus in His death to the world.  Shall we pray that we are one of those who hear His call to take up our cross?  Shall we pray now that we find help in laying down our ties and our secret love of this world?  If we truly want to be united with Christ in His resurrection, will we make utterly sure we are uniting ourselves with Him in dying to our former passions and everything less than being found in Jesus?

Dear Lord,

Help us see in painful contrast that to love You we cannot love our world so much!  If You find us worthy, help us follow our Savior right through death and on into life in Jesus! 


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