Death To Live

Death To Live

In the same way, count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus.  Romans 6:11  NIV

Christians have this joy that now we can live for something else.  We no longer need to follow the trends of our society.  We do not have to stand up to the standards of our times.  We do not have to chase after all that those around us chase after.  All the woes that drive men and women into the psychiatrist´s chair do not have to afflict us.  We simply do not live to the same goals as they do any more.  Anything we live for that is short of Christ and His Father is not God, and therefore not worthy of stressing over.  As long as we truly hand over the lesser concerns to God, we can die to living for and worrying over them.  We can be set free to live for God.  Do we realize that enough faith in Jesus now, will let us live not for the things in our world that control us, but for the Lord?

Perhaps we love the lesser things in our lives more than we love our God.  Could this be the reason we cling so desperately to them?  Should we ask for a stronger faith in the Divine?  Could we ask Jesus now to show us again the depth of His love and His power?  Should we hand over to Christ the dilemma of dealing with our issues and focus our hearts on living for our relationship with Him?  If we can let Jesus handle our concerns, will we then be free to live forever with, and revel in the God Who loves us?

Dear Lord,

Help us let go of our current home and concentrate on living with You!  Let us learn the habit of focusing on a walk with You that can last for all eternity to come!



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