What Then?

What Then?

What then? Shall we sin because we are not under law but under grace? By no means!  Romans 6:15  NIV

Short generations ago people who worshipped God placed great importance on living virtuous lives.  Nowadays being good in most circles is highly look upon but not nearly as vital.  We are taught freedom.  The unbeliever makes a choice to become a Christian and from that moment is told all is now well with their soul.  But is this what the Bible teaches?  Is there still something more to seek?

All have sinned is what the Bible says.  Pardon is necessary and freely provided in Christ.  The question that remains is who is eligible and who is excluded from the redemption of our Lord.  To answer that question we will need to look deeper than mere actions.  We should know we need the Light of Jesus to shine within our heart.  Those who care will go to Him to find their answers.  Those who don´t really care will look anywhere else to justify their intentions.  The heart that goes to Jesus will reflect that choice.  All actions stem from where the heart is. Hearts with Christ will move as He moves them.  What then?  Where will we go now?  Will we run to the law or to excuse ourselves?  Or will we run to our knees before the Redeemer of our souls?  What then will we seek to cleanse us and set us apart as true children of God?

Dear Lord,

Before we look for our own righteousness, please help us look to You!  Let us feel our need for You and come running!  Let us come so close and so completely unto You that You can tell us what then!



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