Deadly Things

Deadly Things

What benefit did you reap at that time from the things you are now ashamed of? Those things result in death!      Romans 6:21  NIV

For Adam it was an enticing fruit.  For every other human being it has always been a million other delights.  Things that are not God grab our attention and draw us away from Him.  We are slaves to this tendency of our race.  We jump when our heart says jump.  We come running when the master of our hearts calls us.  But the tragedy is that it is not always our Lord that we listen to.  It is those deadly things, those enticing things, which hold our attention and subtly but surely rule over us.  We may never even realize how our heart goes out to things before it looks for our Father in Heaven.  Who can fathom the danger, or how deadly things can be for us when they keep us from focusing our hearts on the Lord?

Things can be physical or just in our heads.  Things can be objects that we desire or states that we would love to have.  They can even be relationships.  Things are not necessarily in themselves bad.  They become bad when they remove our attention or our desire from God.  Deadly things are anything which we look to or lend our heart to before our Lord.  Shall we pray for a close enough walk with our Savior that He may guide us safely closer to God?  Shall we ask for help keeping the Lord first now while we are bombarded with a million deadly and distracting things each day?

Dear Lord,

So many deadly things would try to keep us from focusing on You.  Help us put You before any other thing now we pray! 


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