Eternal Life IN Christ

Eternal Life IN Christ

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.  Romans 6:23  NIV

Mankind desires a life without end.  Much effort is given to maintain ourselves, prevent aging and hold off death.  Modern media creates imaginary heroes who possess the supernatural ability to resist dying.  But the truth is that humans have always chosen to turn our backs on the Giver of Life.  Our tie to the eternal God is traded for our temporary pleasure.  When we stop to think about it, what hope do we really have now for eternal life?

The hope Christians have is that God created us to be with Him.  We have yet to reach that goal.  But because He loves us so much, He made the sacrifice to show us His love and pay for our return.  This He accomplished through His Son Jesus Christ.  This Gift, as with being with Him forever, is not something we can take for ours and walk away again.  The Gift God gives to the children who truly are His, is a Gift that draws us together with Him forever!  True Life is life WITH the Lord!  Eternal life is standing IN the Presence of the Alpha and Omega!  Our only hope of attaining what we were designed for is to have the Fountain of Life welling up IN us and sweeping us forever unto God!  Eternal life is finding ourselves so completely IN Christ that He is found IN us!  Are we that close to our Gift?  Are we IN Christ and is He IN us now?

Dear Lord,

We hear the call to eternity.  Stir our hearts to seek to be with You always, and to be filled with the Gift of Christ living strong and full in us and with us right now we pray!


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