Life And Death

Life And Death

I found that the very commandment that was intended to bring life actually brought death.  Romans 7:10  NIV

There can be a dilemma over justification by works and being justified only by Christ´s atonement.  Some depend on actions to present us worthy before God.  Others gladly take the sacrifice of Jesus as our defense.  Regardless of where we stand, the matter is one of life and death.  We can live for God or we can live for ourselves and by doing so, condemn ourselves to death.  The commands of God can be used either way by hearts looking for excuse.  They may help hide from us where we really stand with God.  Should we all declare our own situation with God a life and death emergency until we truly do find ourselves before Him?

The commands of God were given to assist us in approaching the Lord in the right state of heart.  The sacrifice of Jesus was given with this same goal.  We cannot latch on to a set of rules and expect to find pardon and be ushered into the Presence of God.  Nor can we hastily grab the blood of Christ and waltz before God without allowing that blood to cleanse us.  God´s attempts to turn our hearts to Him need to take effect!  We need to come to the Lord with everything we are, and all that we are about!  When we come to take our personal relationship with God to be a life and death matter, is that when we will see results?  Shall we try now?

Dear Lord,

Many are the dangers that would stand between our hearts and Yours.  Please help us past each until You can have our all!  Make our relationship with You be our emergency today!



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