We know that the law is spiritual; but I am unspiritual, sold as a slave to sin.  Romans 7:14  NIV

Christian faith in under deadly attack.  But the enemy of our devotion to God is clever.  Darkness has been honing its skills over the centuries and feeding its desire to deceive the children of God.  One point which we may never suspect as treacherous fruit, is how we view the God we think we love.  God is spiritual! (John 4:24)  We are not!  It is God´s mission to rectify what we lost with Him ever since we started turning our back on Him and His words.  It is our mission to see our plight and be sufficiently moved deep within our souls to seek salvation from our disease.  Evil would not have that!  Are we aware of the times when we fail to see God´s spiritual efforts and movement in and around us each day?

Paul had this point very clear.  He was able to see past the tricky words and doctrines of his time.  His encouragement can help us see past the distractions of our times too.  Shall we pray for enlightenment now?  Shall we ask God to peel back the clouds that would hide the spiritual world from us today?  Shall we ask Jesus to take us by the hand and lead us step by step through the dangers that we cannot see?  Shall we ask the Holy Spirit to awaken us to the glories of our God Who is spiritual, so that we can worship Him in spirit?  Shall we take a giant step in spiritual faith now?

Dear Lord,

We lose sight of You amongst all that would distract us and hide You from us.  Bring back the mystery and wonder.  Let us see You with growing spiritual awareness now we pray!



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