Right There

Right There

So I find this law at work: When I want to do good, evil is right there with me.  Romans 7:21  NIV

Paul walks us through the difficulties and dangers of our sinful nature.  He tries to show us that we are complex and divided souls.  Recognizing our condition should spur us sufficiently to seek a remedy.  Darkness and evil are always right there looking for an opportunity to turn us away from God or increase the distance between us and Him.  Should we realize the intention´s of the dark forces that are ever-present?  Should we keep in mind that evil is always near and strive to be right there with Christ so that He can lead us safely through every unseen danger to our souls?

If our eyes were finally opened and we could see clearly into the spiritual world, perhaps our situation would be different.  But for now we will have to step out in faith and trust the Word of God. The Bible tells us that we are standing in a precarious position.  We must believe our Savior when He tells us that only He can save us from dangers greater even than losing our earthly breath of life.  The true Christians will set our hopes in Christ to guide us safely home to God.  But to make it past each unseen danger we will have to learn to walk intimately and ever-so-closely with Jesus!  Shall we pray today to be right there with our Savior every step of every day?  Shall we ask Jesus to right there walking with us all the time?

Dear Lord,

We want to be so close to You today that You can keep us from losing any nearness we have gained in our relationship with You!  Keep us right there wherever You lead we pray!



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