Wretched Man

Wretched Man

What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body of death?  Romans 7:24  NIV

There is a new illness today that has spread into our societies.  It is the love of self.  It has crept even into the fold and into the hearts of God´s children.  Most times we don´t even realize that we have allowed this deadly snake to live amongst us.  But its fruit is enticing and just as lethal as the first step we took out of the will of God.  Our condition is to go to any length to lift ourselves up, pat ourselves on the back and spoil ourselves with every delight our heart desires.  Few if any, take the time to consider the state of our heart.  We may say we love God.  But by the way we pamper ourselves should we be able to see how far we are from bowing wholly to Him?  What wretched man!  Who will rescue us?

Before any healing can ever come, we must realize our disease.  If we do not see our need, we will never truly seek the One Who can heal us.  If our deformity and our decay are not evident to us, then we will carry on throughout our lives lavishing ourselves with pleasing thing until it is too late for us.  Should we pray we are more like Paul?  Should we realize now our wretched state?  Should we ask the Light of Jesus to examine us thoroughly and expose our secret loves?  Then shall we seek healing for our deadly disease?

Dear Lord,

We would like to schedule an appointment on Your examination table today.  Please check us for the deadly viruses of self-love.  Should You find any infection, please bring Your healing into our lives so we can live for You alone!



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