Submit To God

Submit To God

the sinful mind is hostile to God. It does not submit to God’s law, nor can it do so.  Romans 8:7  NIV

Man has always found ways of turning our backs on God.  This reckless habit of choosing to step out of God´s will for us is sinful.  Allowing our minds and our hearts to stray from God is something all are susceptible to.  Not one of us is completely free or safe from this tendency of our nature.  Even the hearts and minds of Christians sitting faithfully in their pews, can stray from God when least expected.  There is only one Cure for our condition!  The Cure Is the Spirit of Christ in us!  Do we bring our hearts to God often to let Him examine whether we submit to Him?  If not, do we already have the answer to where our hearts truly lie?

Christians used to work hard to eradicate sin from their nature.  The typical approach was to try to do good, and refrain from doing certain acts that we know God does not like to see us doing.  But sin lies deeper than a set of rules to follow.  Our sinful nature walks too closely with the evil that does not want us with Christ.  If we truly do want to approach God, should we return to our knees?  If we do want to follow Jesus, should we submit our hearts fully to Him now?  Should we lay our every intention before Him and pray that we truly do submit to God while we still have time to change?

Dear Lord,

See our hopelessness and help us overcome our nature!  Be extra close to us!  Grow our relationship to the point where we could not possibly be distracted from You!  Let us submit our hearts now to You in every Way!   Be our Salvation we pray!



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