This Hope

This Hope

For in this hope we were saved. But hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what he already has?  Romans 8:24  NIV

We are children of hope.  We live to put our hope in something.  We need it to get us through our day.  It is one of the strongest forces within our nature.  It can keep people alive.  It can bring all kinds of joy.  It can supply all that is necessary even in the midst of great lack and poverty.  It can keep a person smiling and singing even though their world is torn apart and everyone else is against them.  Lack of hope will destroy a person, where having hope only lifts us up and drives us forward.  The strength hope has depends on how high we set that hope.  What hope do we find building up within us now?  Is it this hope we have in Jesus?

Hope is a growing elation over something which we have not fully received.  We may enjoy much of our coming blessing, but more is to come and the pleasure of the thought mounts within us to unimaginable heights.  Those blessed souls who set their hope in Jesus, can have the Spirit inside lift them far above the constellations!  Hope in Christ can save us from a world of despair and lift us to thrilling heights as we revel in each amazing discovery of our God!  We can have this greatest hope living in us and ravaging our souls with joyful expectation of the wonders to come!  Shall we pray for more of this hope in Jesus now?

Dear Lord,

Set this fire alight within us!  Fill us with this hope of experiencing You in ever increasing fullness and joy we pray!



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