For The Good

For The Good

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.  Romans 8:28  NIV


John was in a wheelchair.  An accident had left him crippled.  Yet he was the most incredibly positive person.  When you met him, you felt pity.  But as you began speaking with him, you had to drop your sentiments in the face of his joy.  He was happy to be alive.  His faith was in God!  He loved his God!  We hear the promise.  We wish things would turn out as we hope.  But we focus on the comforts and pleasures of this world where we live.  Our crippled friend shames us when our selfish desires are exposed and we see a purer joy that comes from finding the good in God.  But who are the precious ones who can mount up their hope in God´s promise to work for the good?

The answer is simple.  God´s promises are for the ones who love Him!  All Heaven waits with baited breath to see those precious souls that burn with love for their God.  The stars begin to line up and the skies begin to part when the Spirit finds those beautiful worshippers who just cannot contain their love for the Lord.  In all things God is preparing His showers of blessings for the humble believers who have been called to His purpose.  Could this be us?


Dear Lord,

Forgive us for always looking to receive the blessings we choose.  Lift our sights higher!  Let us love You for Who You Are!  Work Your good at any cost to us.  Just let us have You!  Then we will know all things will work for the good!



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