The Process

The Process

And those he predestined, he also called; those he called, he also justified; those he justified, he also glorified.         Romans 8:30  NIV

A curious verse that describes those chosen by God.  Romans 8:30 touches upon many deep facets of our faith.  But it also describes a process that may interest the true seeker after God.  It begins with the believer before that person even suspects their blessed connection with the Lord.  It walks us through the process of recognizing God´s call to that individual.  Then it takes us through a determined and intense process of turning the worshipper from the ranks of unqualified to be standing eventually by the side of the love of their lives and Savior of our souls.

This change leaves the saved child of God, standing securely beside the One who redeems and covers our insufficiency.  The ultimate goal of this process brings the true follower our highest reward.  Those who truly care to go through with the whole process are then allowed to come unto and know God.  The triumphant believer is glorified beyond words to have the privilege to be with the Lord forever.  Are we aware of where we stand in our process?  Are we making progress today?  Are we drawing nearer to the blessed promise?  Are we making sure that the process that God is working us through is bringing us closer to Him?

Dear Lord,

Begin a new work in us today!  Move us, call us, purify us and draw us eternally closer to You we pray!



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